Why Fiber Cement Siding is a Great Choice For Your Home in Mercer County


When your house is ready for new siding, it’s hard to determine which siding product is appropriate for your home. A decision needs to be made early-on as to which type of product is the best complement to your home and one that will look good in your neighborhood. You also want a product that will hold up the longest in your climate. as well as installations and development parties, where you cannot ignore who is right. Mercer County siding by Legacy USA Services can be the best choice for you. They took A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau because they make the client’s request a priority that must be fulfilled. And of course, when one considers the variety of styles, colors, and looks available, in the end,, it comes down to which product type do you like the best?

Fiber cement siding very closely resembles wood, or in the case of panels, it looks like concrete. For the many homeowners who desire these looks without the expense and maintenance, these are essential features. As a big bonus, it is more durable than either wood or concrete (especially in central and northern US climates). It is fabricated from a combination of cement, sand and cellulose fiber. These components are cured with pressurized steam, which gives it strength and durability as well as resistance to cracking. It is resistant to termites, water, warping and shrinking, rotting, and weather damage. It is also fire resistant, which in some cases can even help lower insurance rates. Basically, it performs on your home very similar to masonry. And even better, the warranty is unparalleled with few exclusions. Designs, style, and colors are endless. As examples:

  1. Fiber cement siding planks are created to look like wood and have wood grain texture embossed into the finish. It comes in a variety of widths from 4 to 11 inches, and lengths to 16 feet, allowing flexibility in the design and final appearance.
  2. Fiber-cement siding panels are created to look like, and when combined with fiber-cement trim-boards, the result can be stunning, particularly for Tudor style homes.
  3. Fiber-cement embellishments such as shingles, trim, shutters, and other accessories provide a wide variety of styles and choices. The result can be stunning on almost any home.
  4. Fiber-cement is manufactured in several thicknesses (for example, Artisan styles) which provide an additional design feature.

The combination of cement/sand/cellulose enables the resultant product to be durable enough for blind nailing, which means that the siding planks can be overlapped to cover nail holes. This isn’t always possible with wood siding, which allows the nail holes to be visible on the side of the house. In time warping and nail-popping become significant maintenance issues.

This siding product must be painted, which can be baked-on at the factory before installation, or custom-painted at the project site. Because of this, the color choices are unlimited. Also, water-based acrylic coatings can be used because fiber-cement siding components do not expand or contract with temperature changes (like wood). Maintenance is minimized since there is no paint cracking and peeling. This is particularly important in central and northern US climates. This means your color has a much longer life than it does on wood. Typical coating warranties for factory baked on finishes are very, and some paint manufacturers will warrant their coatings for life (material warranty).

In conclusion, when considering residing in your home, fiber-cement siding is an excellent choice. When you decide to go forward with the project, your home improvement contractor can advise you on the right product for your home. If he has extensive experience with the product, he can assist you in creating a great new exterior design for your home.