Why CCTV Drain Inspection is a Good Idea


If you have recently moved into an older property, it makes sense to check out the drainage system, which is a complex set of waste pipes that run all over the building and are connected to the main sewers. Video surveillance has found its way into the drain cleaning industry, with small, but rugged little buggies that are sent down the drains to give the technician a first-hand look at the interior piping.

Professional Drain Cleaning

There are affordable drainage contractors in Kent who will give you a detailed report of the state of your drains, and by using CCTV, they can identify problems, such as:

  • Invasive Tree Roots
  • Partial Blockages
  • Old and Worn Sewer Pipes

Rather than waiting for the inevitable blockage, having your drains inspected will allow you to make the necessary repairs before a blockage occurs.

Drain Sleeve Lining

In the event the video surveillance reveals a drainage issue, it is possible to insert a PVC inner sleeve lining, which is far cheaper than replacing the damaged section, and can be completed with the minimal preparation.

Reduce the Risk of Drain Blockage

Having your drains cleaned out greatly reduces the risk of a blockage, and many UK homeowners take advantage of this service. Drainage contractors in Kent spend a lot of their time inspecting domestic drains for this very reason, and should you ever experience a drain blockage, they are the people to contact. Identifying the blockage location can be harder than the actual unblocking, and CCTV cameras take the strain out of drainage issues.