What you should know before renting a storage unit


Storage units are important in organizing your space and in enhancing your efficiency
alongside that of your colleagues. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you have
enough storage space whether at home or in your workplace. Sometimes you may be
forced to rent out some storage unit for you to realize your goals and objectives in
whatever you do. However, there are important things to take note of before renting a
storage unit. Here are some considerations to make if the only option you got is to rent
out a storage unit. It is all about getting a great storage experience for your property.

1. Security is Multifaceted

It is not enough to have padlocks and security gates. These alone will not prevent theft.
Ideally, most theft cases have been as a result of collusion from inside partners or
criminals disguising themselves to be customers. Therefore, it is helpful to find out the
type of padlocks being used to ascertain the level of security. Other security features
like alarms are also important to consider.

2. Storage Facilities Meet Different Needs

Even within the same premises, different storage units are designed to cater for
different needs. The differences come in such things as temperature control measures
put in place, security features, cleanliness, room for moving trucks, customer service
and so on. Therefore, it is important to understand what kind of special requirements
from a storage unit. This ensures that your goods are not compromised in any way!

3. Rent Rates can Change Later

Don’t be lured by “move-in discounts.” The most important thing is to study how often
rent rates are reviewed for your chosen facility before making any commitment. You can
find out how long you will use the storage unit before the rent changes. Make your
decision based on these findings other than falling for cheap offers that raise the rent
almost immediately or after a few months.

4. You can Save Money When moving the Goods

Moving the goods may require you to rent a moving truck. In that case, it is advisable to
look for discounts on them. If not, look for facilities that provide rental trucks to their
clients. Working with facilities offering these trucks is easy, especially when you want
them to give you a discount for transporting the goods to the storage units. Serious
facility owners looking for business will be willing to get you some free miles. So, don’t
shy away from asking for these offers.

5. Pick a Storage Unit with the Space You Need

It is important to plan in advance and see how much of storage space you will need
from a rented facility. This will save you from getting space that is more than you need.
Storage units are usually available in different sizes and with a careful plan, you can get
one that perfectly meets your needs. Pay for only what you need.

6. Insurance is on You

If you are looking for storage units Raleigh, be prepared to take care of the insurance
bit. The facility owners are ideally not held responsible should anything go wrong while
your contents are in store. It is, therefore, your responsibility to assess the conditions of
the storage unit and seek appropriate insurance for the same in order to enhance the
safety and security of your possessions. However, there are some places were storage
units are covered in a renter’s policy or a homeowner’s policy. If it does, then you won’t
have to pay for it separately.

7. Choose Climate Controlled Storage Units for Sensitive Goods

Adverse weather conditions can affect the quality of sensitive goods. Therefore, ensure
that the desired storage conditions are available in your chosen storage unit. Goods
affected by varying humid and temperature conditions need special attention.
The choice of a renting storage unit is determined by a number of factors as outlined
here. To safeguard against any losses, you are required to do a thorough background
check and scrutiny on any facility you consider to be a safe haven for your goods. Most
importantly, ensure that you rent space that is fit for your use in order to save on this
expense. It helps a lot to have these tips in mind.