What You Should Know about Installing A Carpet


A carpet can be a great addition to any home, be it covering the whole flooring or acting as an accessory (below the coffee table). Not only does it enhance the aesthetic factor, it also helps to keep your feet warm against the cold tiles.

  • Types of carpet
  • Areas to install carpet
  • Maintaining your carpet

Types of carpet

The two main kinds of carpet found in the market today would be carpet tiles and carpet rolls. Carpet tiles would be a better fit if you are looking for a mix-and-match kind of design. A carpet roll would make for an easier installation, and there are carpet suppliers in Warrington who will be able to offer you a variety of carpet designs.

Areas to install carpet

Carpet is generally not used in wet areas, due to its ability to absorb moisture and providing an environment for mould to grow. Generally, it is even advised to avoid placing it near wet areas. It may be placed in dry areas such as the living room, bedrooms, or even the corridor.

Maintaining your carpet

After installing the carpet, regular maintenance is needed to keep your carpet looking good. Vacuum it regularly and clean up any liquid spills immediately. You may even engage a professional cleaning company to clean your carpet every once in a while.

In cold wintery months, it is good to have carpeted flooring below your feet as it provides warmth. In humid climates, a carpet is still a great addition as it provides a feeling of comfort to your feet.