What Are the Main Problem Areas on a Roof?


The roof is the most important component of any building, as it provides essential protection for the structure, and aside from missing roof tiles, the only other problem areas are of timber construction. They include the following:

  • Fascia boards – Which need repainting often.
  • Soffit boards – Fixed to the underside of the roof line, the soffits tend to warp and bend when exposed to heat.

By replacing the timber with UPVC, you are removing maintenance tasks from the equation, and UPVC lasts for many years and will not discolour, crack or peel. White is the most popular colour and it gives a clean roof line, and with matching guttering and downpipes, you have the perfect finishing touches for a stylish, yet functional roofing line. Trusted roofing services Nottingham can carry out the work, and once that is done, you can almost forget about roof maintenance, as there is little that can go wrong.

Guttering and Downpipes

These are not for show, although you can obtain very attractive UPVC guttering and downpipes, and with a wide and shallow trough, there is less likelihood of a guttering blockage.

Easy to Clean

A power wash every now and then is all it takes for the fascia and soffit to look their best, and with UPVC, you have no discolouration, even with the strongest sunlight. Call your local roofing contractor and ask him if he does UPVC roofing components, and if he does, ask him to quote you for the project.

UPVC makes for the ideal material as it withstand anything the harsh British climate can muster.