What are the Common Plumbing Issues in Homes


Plumbing plays an important part in our homes, but unfortunately it is also the biggest household issue magnet. There are a lot of plumbing problems a typical householder can face. Sometimes they aren’t that serious and can be easily fixed, but most of the time a plumbing expert is needed.

To stay away from bad plumbing try to make regular checks and small repairs, as well as invest in a basement waterproofing system. You will prevent bigger plumbing issues and more expensive ones such as a leaky or flooded basement. To know where to focus your attention, here are some common plumbing issues in homes:

Faulty Water Heaters

With time loose minerals can settle on the bottom of a water heater. This prevents hot water to be created. The loose minerals are known as sediments and present a common plumbing issue. Nobody wants to have a cold shower, especially in the winter, but water heaters have a very short life span and are victims to condensation and sediment. To avoid this have yearly flush ups and maintenance.

Pipe Leaks

Signs for leaking pipes are leaks, mold and cracks on your floors and walls. Another sign can be low water pressure. You can awaken your amateur plumber and put duct tape on the cracked pipe, but it is better to call an expert before it broadens into a bigger problem. Pipe leaks can lead to pest infestation and floor, wall or furniture damage. They are more common in winter and to stop pipes from leaking, simply maintain the same temperature for your thermostat or allow cold water to drip from your faucets.

Dripping Faucets

This can be a DIY solved issue; but it still is an issue especially because of the amount of water and energy lost. It may sound silly, but dripping faucets can cause thousands of gallons of water to be wasted each year.

Toilet Problems

The nastiest plumbing issues are concerning the toilet. You can have it overflowing, clogged, creating a small pool around it or turning the shower water cold while flushing. If your toilet problems are frequent, consider talking to an expert.

Do not panic, these are common problems. Most toilet issues can be fixed with proper repair and renovation. A good tip for toilet overflow is reaching to the valve which is usually placed behind the toilet base and turn the water off. If this doesn’t work then take the toilet lid and put the rubber flapper back in its place.

Sewage Issues

If your toilet gives a nasty odor or you have more than one faulty toilet in your home than it is possible you have a sewer issue. Sometimes, when the surrounding homes have a similar issue, it is the fault of the water company, so call them first. You won’t be charged for something that is caused by them; but sometimes the problem is in your own home and for this you need to call a plumber.

Do not put grease in the drain or flush papers down your toilet. This can be adding fuel to the flame if the main sewer is clogged or old. Also an interesting reason for sewer issues is tree roots. They can crack or crush pipes, so beware of those big old trees in your yard.