Wall-to-Wall Advice Regarding the Cleanliness of Your Carpets


Analysts and scientists have determined that the world-renowned Pazyryk carpet is actually the oldest preserved floor runner known to man, with an estimated age that exceeds 2,000 years.

Odds are that your carpets are much younger than this famous Siberian artefact, but there is another question that we must address, are your carpets cleaner than the Pazyryk rug?

An In-Depth Analysis of Your Carpeting

The typical Briton dedicates somewhere between 30 and 45 minutes each day on tidying rooms, washing dishes, and picking up around the house, but we only spend about 10 minutes per month on our carpets:

  • Microbiologists have concluded that the exhaust air that comes out of a vacuum cleaner is the third-highest source of contaminants and allergens in British homes, ranked only behind the dish sponge and kitchen refuse bins.
  • To make matters worse, standardised vacuum cleaners are ill equipped to fully disinfect our rugs and runners. Even if you track across a particular area five times, more than a third of the bacteria and impurities will remain entrenched in the fibres.
  • To avoid medical complications, respiratory sensitivities, and reeking smells, healthcare advisory groups recommend that domestic and commercial carpets must be professionally sanitised at least once every eight months.

As such, you are advised to save the contact information of reliable carpet cleaning services in London and set a reminder to call them once per year.

Is Expert Carpet Cleaning High Priced?

From stain removals and medical-grade sanitisation to anti-static treatments, leather cleaning, aquadefence applications, fabric colour corrections, mattress cleaning, and even deodoriser treatments, your local carpet cleaning authorities will go above and beyond to revitalise your property. Their services can be amended to account for all financial limitations, no matter how restrictive they might be.