The Cheapest Ways to Reinvent Your Kitchen Without a Full Refurb


While kitchen re-dos may sound expensive, you don’t need to spend thousands to reinvent your space. Maybe you’ve lived in your house for years and are after a new look, or are just moving in and want to make the place your own. Whatever your circumstance, there are upgrades and improvements that are affordable and won’t require a huge refurb!

Keep reading for four ways you can update and reinvent your kitchen without overspending.

Replace kitchen doors

Replacing kitchen unit doors is one of the best ways to give the room a much-needed facelift. Outdated cabinets are very noticeable, so getting replacement doors for kitchens should be your first step.

When finding the right replacement doors for kitchens, you have a few things to consider, namely cost and durability of the materials. Laminate is a popular option that always looks chic and modern. High-end woods like mahogany, on the other hand, are always more expensive and harder to find.

Repaint the walls

A fresh coat of paint always makes a big difference! A new colour on the walls can make your kitchen look entirely different. If the walls are dark at the moment, painting them white can make your kitchen look so much bigger and brighter. Who doesn’t want that?

You can purchase special paint that’s ideal for the kitchen and can handle a bit of scrubbing. Any durable paint will be good, however satin and semi-gloss paint finishes are the easiest to clean. These paints are also perfect for the backsplash.

Switch up the lighting

To create a new mood for the kitchen, you can install dimmer lights. These are perfect as you can turn up the brightness when cooking and cleaning, and then create a softer atmosphere during dinner time.

Pendant lights are also effective in transforming and upgrading your space. You can go for a modern and industrial look or some classy, crystal hanging lights to make a beautiful statement. Your lighting choices can really reflect your personality and the mood you want to achieve in your kitchen.

Change the faucets

Updating your sink faucet can not only give a more modern look to your kitchen but improve the functionality as well. There are so many types of faucets nowadays to make your life easier and add a lot of value for an affordable price. Pick up one with an advanced spray to make cleaning quicker and easier, or one that’s spot-resistant to avoid dirty fingerprints.

It’s not too hard to remove old faucets on your own, and there are plenty of tutorials and guides online to show you the right way.