Summer’s Coming, Is Your AC Working Properly?


Be prepared is a vital status that all companies must maintain and today’s business environment. Competition used to mean local companies that operated within your community and provided the same or similar products or services. Today however with the invention of the internet and mobile technology devices Kama competition comes from anywhere and everywhere around the world. If you have a business in Melbourne Australia for instance, it is just as likely that your primary competitor is based in your same city as in Beijing or Paris.

This new business reality dictates that companies must take a very different approach to manufacturing and delivering their products, setting up the organizations and relationships with employees, and servicing in managing customers. Companies was also be much more careful and knowledgeable about how it is they manage their money and how they spend their money. Every cost must be scrutinized and lowered when possible so that the minimal amount is spent to achieve the maximum potential result.

Many companies that are short on cash or finding that they must hold on to key office equipment for longer periods of time. The thinking goes that it is essentially the same to continue to repair older units as it is to purchase new ones. As a result the replacement cycle four critical office equipment has been extended and these same companies convince themselves that this path is more cost efficient and does not sacrifice the effectiveness of the company.

The truth is that in some instances office equipment can have its life extended a couple of years with no downside to the company. In terms of computers, mobile phones, and even tablets, adding an extra year to their life with me and little to the company. However there’s some office equipment that does have a detrimental effect if it is kept too long. One particular example is the office AC unit.

Commercial AC Units Need To Be Replaced

Commercial air conditioners are highly technical units that are designed to deliver a constant set temperature throughout your business. The top quality commercial air conditioners are created using the finest materials and are designed to last more than a decade. Toward the end of a life cycle of a commercial air conditioner, the unit will begin to function poorly providing less high quality air, and requiring more maintenance. It is during this time when companies will often try to extend the life of that unit buy servicing and more. The reality is that the company is receiving both diminishing returns and terms of the quality of the air, and paying more and electric bills for the air conditioners operation. The biggest impact might be that low Quality Air causes employee efficiency to plummet. Lower employee efficiency will nearly always mean less revenue for the business.

A new high quality air conditioning unit or run up to 30% more efficient than one manufactured only 20 years ago. It will substantially diminish your electric cost because the AC unit is your largest item on your electric bill every month. These units also have new features including an ability to operate the unit from a mobile phone off site. One of the reasons that they are much more efficient is that they have variable speed motors allowing the units to hit and maintain a specific temperature better. Finally most importantly, new high-quality commercial air conditioners create an environment at your business that will cause employees to be more alert, focused and effective.