Should I Call a Professional Tree Surgeon or Do It Myself?


Many homeowners are tempted to try DIY tree surgery as opposed to calling a professional. Although you can do some jobs yourself, most of the time its best left to skilled personnel.

Tree Surgery is Easy, Right?

Although skilled tree surgeons make many tasks look easy, it is a complex profession which requires a multitude of skills. Most Hertfordshire tree surgeons offer a high-quality service run by a team of fully qualified personnel. Cutting down a tree in a forest isn’t that complex but doing it in a residential neighbourhood is an entirely different story.

Can I Do It Myself?

If you are thinking about cutting down a tree, take some time to consider your knowledge and experience. If the answer is you’ve little to none, the best and most sensible thing to do is to call a professional. A tree can be positioned in an enclosed area, making it difficult to cut down without damaging surrounding buildings or structures.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Tree Surgeon

When you weigh up your options, you’ll find that choosing a skilled tree surgeon is the right choice. Here are some of the main reasons why you should work with an experienced professional.

  • They’ve access to the right equipment.
  • They’re highly trained with many years of experience.
  • Professional urban tree felling is done piece by piece, not just a ‘timberrrr’ moment and you’re done.
  • Expert recommendations and ground assessments.

If you honestly evaluate your own skills and experience, you should come to the conclusion that a professional is the right option for the job.