king to Extend? Here are your Options


If your family is growing, it won’t be long before you need some additional living space, and there are quite a few options.

  • The traditional bricks and mortar extension – This can be added to the rear or one side of the property, and by keeping it in line with the property, it won’t look out of place. This is the traditional way of adding living space to a property, and with experienced local builders in Dartford who can design and build the extension, this will boost the value of the property.
  • A Garden Summer House – There are pine units that resemble a log cabin, and they can be made to order, which allows for some customisation. You could, for example, use it for additional sleeping accommodation, or it could be set up as a study centre where the kids can do their homework, or even as an office of you plan on starting your own business in the near future.
  • Modular Home – Old sea containers make for the perfect frame to build a modular home, and with a choice of 20 or 40 ft units, they can be customised to suit. This stand-alone structure could be locate near the main home, and all you need to do is prepare a concrete base for the unit to sit on.

It really depends on your personal preference, and each has its own pluses and minuses, which must be taken into account. Whatever you decide on, make sure that the builder is experienced and has the resources to complete the project.