Is Your Floor Level?

liquid screeding

If you want to install carpeting or flooring, you may need to make an adjustment to your floor. If so, you can get the results you want when you use a floor screed. That is because a screed is employed to level a sub base that is made of concrete. By taking this step, a contactor can prepare a floor for the laying of tile or carpeting.

Balance Out and Prepare Your Flooring

Therefore, affordable liquid screeding in Hayling Island is used for the following reasons:

  • To balance and prepare a floor for a floor covering
  • To cover insulation
  • To hide underfloor heating pipes

How Concrete and Screed Differ

Concrete and screed are similar in composition but still different. Whilst concrete is roughly textured, screed is smoother; it is made from sharp yet fine sand and cement. Concrete is rougher because it is mixed with aggregates. As a result, screed does not contain the gravel that is included in concrete. The largest grain size found in a dry screed is about four millimetres in size.

Priming the Flooring

Whilst screed evens out the floor for the laying of tile, you still cannot directly cover it with the tile. Otherwise, the tile will eventually separate from the screed. In this instance, you should have a primer or sealant applied to ensure a reliable hold. Just make sure that the primer is thin. If it is too thick, the tile will delaminate over time. Make sure that you refer to a qualified contractor whenever screeding is applied.

That is why you need a business that employs pump-applied floor screeds and that follows the industry standards for this type of installation. Contact the company today for a free estimate.