How to Remove Large Tree Stumps


  There was once a time when a large tree stump would have to become a feature of the garden, as removing it was simply not practical. Some people make tables out of these features, but there’s little else to do, or is there? The invention of the tree stump grinder has changed all that, and with relative ease, even a large stump can be completely removed, leaving the ground free of roots and ready for development.

Professional Stump Removal

If you contact the best tree surgery in Torquay, they will no doubt have several stump grinding attachments, and these amazing machines can grind the stump down to a depth of one metre, which is enough to ensure complete removal.

Other Services

Aside from grinding down tree stumps and roots, your local tree surgeon would be able to:

  • Remove all types of trees – Large trees can present a significant risk to people and property.
  • Prune and lop – Deadwood should be removed and the tree shaped for optimum growth.
  • Carry out a mature tree inspection – To determine the best option.
  • Identify and treat tree disease – This involves taking samples and treating accordingly.

How Long Does Stump Removal Take?

A large tree stump can be completely ground down and removed within a couple of hours, and if you have several old stump you’d like removed, the tree surgeon would quote per stump, or as a complete job, whichever you prefer.

Whether a recent tree removal, or a stump that has been there for years, stump grinding is the perfect solution to reclaim that much needed space.