How To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer


Every time the weather changes, the home is affected too. During summer days, it is unbearable for those people who lived in warmer climates and tropical countries. Perhaps, air conditioning is the best answer to address the heat of the summer. However, it is not cost-effective and will hurt the budget of the family for paying such utility. Some people head over the beach during the summer season to freshen up, but still, when you don’t have extra budget for it, then it will be a pain for you. The good thing is that other solutions might be helpful for your home to get chilly during summer seasons. Of course, the budget is a huge consideration and don’t worry, and we gather some cheaper alternatives that are long term solutions.

Installation of Window Treatment

There are many kinds of window shades that you can choose from such as awnings, roof overhangs, blinds, drapes, woven woods, shutters, and a lot more. If you want to have a window treatment outside, then you can have the awnings and the roof overhangs. If your roof can be extended, you can have a roof overhang, but it will be costly. If you are after the budget, an awning is ideal. It will even add up to the exterior design of your home. For interiors, you can have some drapes that are medium colored and avoid black or dark colors to prevent attracting the sun. You must also choose thicker fabric or material to keep the heat coming inside your home. Woven woods, shutter, and motorized blinds are great too. You can check these window shades Houston to see more options for your home. There are great deals and products you can choose.

Plant Some Trees

Near your window, plant some trees that are easier to grow especially during summer. Choose trees that can withstand heat and can become like an umbrella to provide your home a wider shader. Planting trees can also make your home cooler, and you can add up other plants too, both inside and outside your home as it will help a lot to make your home cooler.

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Home Insulation

You can have some insulation for your homes such as insulating foams and window tint films. These two can block the heat coming from the outside and even lets your home stays cool for a more extended period. If you are using your air conditioner at home and you have an insulation system, then after you turned it off, the cool stays inside your house longer.

Replaced Incandescent Lights

Choose more energy efficient lightings such as LED bulbs and avoid using incandescent lights. This type of light will generate heat and makes your home hotter during summer seasons.

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There are other ways to make your summer cool and to save you a lot of money. These tips are just some of them. Make sure to keep your home cool and prevent wasting money on your electricity bills.