How To Improve Home Hygiene


If you have a large family there is no telling what germs are brought through your front door every day. People that live in cities tend to get the worst of it as they have a lot of visitors especially in a large family where everyone has their own set of friends. If you have the budget spare, and you are concerned about keeping everyone in your home as free from germs as possible, then consider taking some of our advise we have to offer in this blog

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Using Soap Dispensers

Soap dispensers are far more hygienic and cost effective than using bars of soap for several reasons. One of the most obvious points to make is how using soap bars may seem hygienic for washing your hands, but when you have several people using the same bar fo soap, other grime and dirt is washed into he soap. Soap bars should be limited to just showering or bathtime because visitors to the house will generally not be using your soap, but will want to wash their hands.

Some people paranoid about soap bars will prefer not to wash their hands which means they pass germs around your house.

Soap dispensers solve all of these issues. Simply refill the soap dispenser with new soap and the soap itself only gets used once. No more dirty bars of soap, and you can buy soap packets cheaper than buying soap bars or liquid soap bottles.

Hand Dryers

Most people don’t need a hand dryer in their home. However, if you have a large home and the budget to purchase a hand dryer, then our advice to do it. First of all, it is a novelty to have a hand dryer in the home because most people don’t have them. However, most importantly of all, you save on washing towels used in the toilet and germs are not spread onto the towel when several different people use the towel.

Using Boiling Water To Clean Sinks and Drains

Boiling water is an age-old trick to keeping kitchen and bathroom sinks clean. Coupled with disinfectants it is one of the best ways to kill germs. Very little bacteria can survive in boiling water even a few seconds after the water has cooled down from the boil.

Pouring hot water around and down the sink will kill any unwanted cockroaches and their eggs living in the pipes of your sink. Disinfectants will only serve to give cockroaches a quick shower before they regain their bacteria.

Plus the best thing about using boiling water is that it is free!