How to get More Space in Your Home


If you need more space within the home, consider a loft conversion and all the benefits this will entail. Firstly, you will need to work out why you need this extra space. Is it for another bedroom? Perhaps two children are growing up to the point where they need their own space now.

It could be that the room is used as a bathroom or study. The extra space you can get from a loft conversion will add value to your home and offer extra insulation too. There is a great deal of heat lost through an uninsulated upper floor space, so creating a living space in that unused loft will cut down on energy bills right from the get go.

So, whether you are building a new games room for the kids or a work-from-home study room, you must decide what you want it to look like, the colour range, layout and basically interior design it upfront.

The next stage in getting more space in your home is to get your property surveyed. At Surrey Lofts, a leading loft conversion builder, a surveyor can be provided as part of the entire build plan.

What Does the Surveyor Do?

Surveyors advise on how the space works for what you want in the loft. They can suggest, warn against and help to modify your original ideas if they are deemed unworkable. Usually it will only take a few slight modifications to the original idea and the finished plan can be submitted to the architect.

The Architectural Drawings

This is the next phase in your dream of converting a loft space and getting more room in your home is to get the plans drawn up by an architect. Once again, Surrey Lofts can provide architects to RIBA qualified standard to make up the drawings.

At Last, the Work Commences

Following this procedure, the work can now be carried out and the first building stage of the loft conversion can get going.

The dream of getting more space into your new home through a loft conversion is finally underway. The work takes time but the disruption process to the remainder of the house is limited.

There will be no need for your driveway to be dug up, most rooms in the remainder of the home will be largely untouched throughout but you will encounter some banging and hammering as the loft is converted.