How to Choose Your Ideal Scroll Saw


A scroll saw is a tool that DIYers generally use to perform work that requires some precision. It is very suitable for making exterior and interior cuts on parts of various materials such as wood, metals or PVC. It is very appreciated by the creators of decoration pieces or by the adaptations of model making.

For those who are looking for this device, there are a few things to consider before choosing a model. You can learn more about how to choose scroll saw by continuing reading this article.

The usefulness of a coping saw

A coping saw is versatile in that it offers the ability to make curved and straight cuts on various materials. This tool can be electric or manual even if the latter is less used.

The coping saw is effective on wood, aluminum, steel, plastic, and copper. For the work to be perfected, it is advisable to choose the blade adapted to the materials to be cut. Indeed, a blade reserved for a cut on the wood is not at all suitable for cutting metal.

This is a tool that is both very convenient and easy to use. In general, there is an on/off button to turn the device on and off. It is easily accessible to allow the user to reach it quickly if a mechanical failure occurs. It also happens that the blade breaks. In this case, we must stop the machine rather, to prevent it hurts us. The electric saws are also equipped with a dimmer speed to increase or decrease the speed of fretwork. This feature will allow you to get the degree of accuracy you are looking for your cut.

How to choose-

Several criteria must be evaluated before buying a coping saw. The depth of discharge is a significant element. This is an element that will allow you to know precisely the cutting capacity of the tool. It is also better to opt for a device that has a variable speed drive. Indeed, each person performs a cut at different speeds. In most cases, DIYers use the maximum speed to speed up the execution of tasks. But this speed also depends on the type of material to be sawed and the degree of precision you are seeking.

But the essential accessory in a coping saw is the blade. The types of blades used to depend on the cuts that we want to obtain. Smooth blades are appropriate if we want to have thin cutouts. With the pins with fixing pins, we have more possibilities by cutting wood. These blades can give cuts both precise and thin on the woods. Just make sure to adjust the blade tension. Before completing the purchase of this DIY tool, it is recommended to check how the blades are changed. Some saw models require the possession of a specific accessory to move from one blade to another.

All jigsaws have levers or knobs to reduce or tighten the blade tension. The adjustment knob must be easy to access to optimize use during fretwork. In addition, it is not missed that after each cut made, we need to develop the blade tension. The location of the adjustment mechanism is, therefore, to be considered for ease of access.

Modern scroll saws have suction tubes while others are equipped with compressors. We must always make sure that the suction tube in question is flexible and easily moved to suck sawdust instead of sucking the air to our knees at the time of cutting.

The integrated options and accessories included in your scroll saw depend on the model and brand of the scroll saw. The price will vary depending on the features they incorporate and the reputation of the brand. There is, however, a very good entry level scroll saw.