How to Choose the Best Essex Loft Conversion Company?


Looking to invest in a loft conversion in Essex but aren’t sure how to choose the best company? Finding a reliable builder is always a challenge, so when it comes to a massive renovation project like a loft conversion, you want to ensure you take the time to find the best candidate for the job. After all, a loft conversion in Essex is a huge financial investment – you obviously want the best conversion company working on the project!

Choosing the best Essex loft conversion company is always worthwhile. It ensures a high-quality conversion that is likely to add more value to the property while providing a wonderful new space for your home. Here are some tips for how to choose the best Essex loft conversion company:

Personal Recommendations

A personal recommendation is a simple yet effective way of finding suitable loft conversion companies in Essex. Ask a friend, relative, or neighbour that has had a loft conversion about the company they hired, as this is a great way of getting an honest and unbiased opinion.

They’ll know exactly what is was like working with the company and be able to give you an idea of their quality of work, communication, reliability, and whether their service offers good value for money.

Are they Accredited?

Any Essex loft conversion company with professional accreditation is usually worth consideration for your project. Better still, look for a multi-accredited company that belongs to various organisations, as this highlights their commitment to quality and ethical work practices.

This is because membership to accredited bodies requires a building company to follow strict codes of conduct. It’s one of the simplest ways of avoiding unreliable and untrustworthy companies! In the case of a loft conversion company, look for accreditation to organisations such as the Federation of Master Builders, the European Builders Confederation, and the government-endorsed TrustMark.

References and Portfolios

Nothing quite lets you see the quality of work of a prospective Essex loft conversion company than their portfolio and references from former clients. For instance, the portfolio should give a great example of different style options, their standard of work, and how the conversion looks when completed.

References are similar to personal recommendations in that they give you an honest view from a previous customer. The more references that the company provides the better, as this indicates they have left many customers satisfied.


Once you have a few candidates, request a survey from each Essex loft conversion company. This allows them to inspect the property to determine what type of conversion are possible and the overall cost of the project. You can then compare their rates, services, and other info to choose the best candidate for the project.

Guarantee of Work

The best loft conversion companies in Essex will provide a guarantee of work for each project. This provides the customer with a guarantee that any damages or issues that arise due to poor workmanship on the conversion are covered by the company itself.

When considering the high financial investment of a loft conversion, a guarantee of work is essential for any homeowner look to convert their loft. Nobody wants to be left dealing with repairs or structural damage from unreliable construction work, so always ensure the company provides a robust guarantee of work – a minimum of 10 years is recommended.