How Much Would a Roof Repair Cost?

Roof Repair

This is a difficult question to answer, as it very much depends on the extent of the damage. A few missing roof tiles, for example, can be replaced within a few minutes, and if there is no interior damage, the cost would be negligible, however, if the joists and rafters are damaged, then they would have to be replaced, and this would be a more expensive fix.

Comparing Quotes

It is never a good idea to accept the first quote for a roofing repair, and by contacting several experienced roofers in Leeds, you are able to make a comparison. Roofing repairs tend to become extensive when a leak has gone undetected for a few months, which can happen if the leak is located in a tight corner.

Things That Can Go Wrong

Here are a few common roofing issues that you might encounter:

  • Missing roof tiles
  • Blocked guttering
  • Fascia or soffit board issues
  • Chimney damage

The roof tiles should provide a water proof covering, and should this become compromised in any way, water can enter the interior roofing structure and cause timber damage.

The Importance of Prompt Repairs

If you discover an issue with your roof, it isn’t something you can put off, as rain water will cause damage if it enters the roofing framework. Frequent roof inspections will reveal any issues, and you should inspect the roof after a heavy storm or gale force winds, both of which can result in roof damage.

Your home is the biggest single investment you will ever make, so it makes sense to protect that investment by regularly inspecting the roof and carrying out any necessary repairs.