How Do You Clean Your Microfiber Cleaning Cloths?


Imagine something having a diameter less than one denier or 10 micrometers, finer than the silk strand, well that something is a synthetic fiber called as Microfiber. These are generally made up of different polyester or adjoining polyesters. The microfiber fabric is widely used for manufacturing different products for examples athletic wears, towels, wallets, cleaning cloths etc. These fabrics are economic, friendly to nature and could be used for many different purposes.

Proved out to be an excellent multi-purpose aid, the microfiber has been a boon for cleaning cloths, they are very good for dusting and removing stains from different surfaces. These Microfiber cleaning cloths here by attracting dust, dirt, oil, and other impurities helping up in proper cleansing of the area.

But, these Microfiber cleaning cloths also need to be cleaned at some point of time from all the dirt, dust and grime they attracted while cleaning other surfaces. So, for cleansing the microfiber cleaner, there are different ways, let’s look into some of them.

Methods used for Cleaning are:

  • Washing the Microfiber cleaning cloth with hands
  • Using the Washing Machine to Wash the Cleaning Cloth
  • Cleansing by dishwasher
  • Using Microwave for the cleansing of the microfiber cleaning cloth
  1. Washing the microfiber cleaning cloth with hands:
  1. Take a bucket or a container and fill it up with some warm water.
  2. Now add some amount of microfiber cleaning solution or liquid laundry detergent (use 3-5 tablespoons i.e. around 44 to 74 ml) in the warm water.
  3. Thoroughly mix up the detergent or solution in the water and put your microfiber cleaning cloth in the bucket.
  4. If the cleaning cloth is extremely soiled then let it soak in the warm water for about an hour or else in the condition where it is not much dirty let the cloth be fully wet.
  5. After the soaking is complete now use your hand and rub the cleaning cloth, proper agitation will lead up to the removal of dirt and grime on the cloth.
  6. Keep on rubbing the cloth until it is completely washed up and cleaned.
  7. Move on further to the next step that is rinsing the cleaning cloth in a bucket full of warm water, so that the cloth is clear of the dirt and grime but also the detergent or the solution used.
  8. As the microfiber cleaning cloth is a fine synthetic fiber it easily dries up by air, so hanging the cloth on the line is all that you need.
  9. After a few hours, the cleaning cloth is all cleaned up to be used again.
  • Using a Washing machine to wash the cleaning cloths:
  1. The microfiber cleaning cloth, when washed in the washing machine, uses the same amount of detergent or solution as in hand washing bit certainly reduces labor.
  2. Only liquid detergents are to be used when cleaning the microfiber cloth, not the dry detergents.
  3. Select the option of warm water or hot water in the washing machine for extremely soiled cleaning cloth whereas less soiled one could be washed selecting the cold-water option or the gentle cycle function.
  4. Set the temperature knob to warm water setting as the Microfiber cleaning cloth are synthetic fiber which on exposure to heat could be damaged.
  5. Select the minimum temperature option for drying too.
  • Cleaning by Dishwasher:
  1. The guys from Tiddox have mentioned that the dishwasher is considered to be one of the least used methods here what all need to be done is just rinse the microfiber cleaning cloth with warm water and drench it properly and afterward put it flat lying on uppermost rack of the dishwasher.
  2. As the dishwashers will process the cleaning of the dishes it will also wash up the cleaning cloth on the other hand.
  3. Air dry the microfiber cleaning cloth after taking it out of the dissher by just hanging it out on the line.
  • Use of Microwave for cleansing the cleaning cloth:
  1. The least common method which is only helpful for a lesser soiled cleaning cloth.
  2. There is nothing to do in this method else then just dampening the cloth and put it in the microwave for a time period of one minute
  3. After the cloth is heated take it out and let it cool down after the cooling is done, your cloth is ready to be used again.

Some important point to remember:

  • Since the Microfiber cleaning cloth hereby attracts the dirt, dust, grime, hair and lint etc, they must be always washed separately not with the general clothing, as the cleaning cloth may lead to having more dirt than before as it would attract all the dirt and lint to it.
  • Classifying the microfiber cleanings cloths into different categories of less soiled, medium soiled and extremely soiled would also help up in cleaning the clothes properly.
  • Apart from washing together the microfiber cleaning cloth should also be dried separately to prevent unnecessary damage to the cloths.
  • Microfiber cloths have this ability to dry very quickly, so adjust the drier timing to lowest as possible.
  • When washing the microfiber cloth never ever use the fabric softener as well as bleaching powder to clean up because they would cause damage to the cleaning cloth leading to reduce the effectiveness and life of the cloth instead of making it clean and tidy.

Microfiber cleaning cloth when are dirty could end up giving scratches and doing damages to the surface they are used against, so it is very necessary to clean them after use at regular intervals to prevent damages.