Crane Hire for Contract Lifting and Film Sets


Drone technology has taken over a variety of industries. They are incredibly convenient when you think of the basic responsibilities involved in these different industries. You have the benefit of controlling the drone through a remote, so you don’t really need to get to a specific site unless the signal doesn’t permit control from too far away.

That begs the question: why still go for a film crane rental? Drones are becoming more and more popular because of the promotion that it’s getting from tech-crazed industry leaders. Does that really mean that they’re the best option for everything? Certainly not. The maintained popularity of crane rental London shows that drones don’t always take over as easily.

Film Cranes Are Still Alive In The Age Of Drones, Here’s Why

Before diving deeper into the strong resistance of film crane hire against the commercialized drones, there needs to be context. In the film industry, micromanagement is an important element to ensure that every shot and take is as efficient as possible. This reduces the worry, especially for producers, that a session is going to go over for too long that it costs them extra resources.

With that being said, below are the reasons why crane hire London is still alive and well in the age of drones.

  1. Restricted Zones

Depending on where the project is going to take place in, there are certain restrictions already set in place for flying. This affects the ability to fly drones around the area. You also have to get special permits for flying in limited drone areas.

  1. Limited Capabilities

Unlike crane hire Hertfordshire which the industry already knows the capabilities of, drones actually pale in comparison. Sure, there is the flexibility of flying around in different directions effortlessly, but the same can be replicated by a crane.

  1. Weight and Width

Drones can only carry so much before giving in and not being able to fly. There’s also not too many drones that can carry around objects that are much wider than specified. Through the use of film cranes, you are able to move these items around with relative ease.

  1. Industry Full of Veterans

Because the film industry has used film cranes for so long, you have veterans that you can depend on to get things done. Flying drones has been a hobby for a lot of people, but not too many have occupied themselves into becoming professional drone pilots.

  1. Safety and Security

A case can be made that there could be a lot more damage when a crane falls on a set. However, if you go with a reputable company for your crane rental Hertfordshire, it’s virtually impossible for one to be not durable. Meanwhile, a drone can fall due to something as simple as a rock being thrown at it.

  1. Network of Specialists

Just like the number of veterans, there are in the film crane line of work, you can also depend on the number of specialists there are when it comes to contract lifting London. When you need a set prepared for a specific situation, you can always depend on a specialist with enough experience to help you out.

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