All you need to know about wicker furniture


You might have seen a set of wicker furniture and thought about what it is or how it is actually made. Well, wicker is a term which is used to define any kind of woven furniture. It includes materials like reed, rattan, cane, bamboo, and seagrass. You have numerous choices when it comes to wicker sets as you can see here at Lane Venture.

What is wicker?

Wicker is a general term which refers to the woven form of a natural or synthetic vine or grass. It is woven into numerous patterns. Slender branches of the material of choice are woven around a frame that can be made up of wood or any kind of metal. It is used for making various sots of frames that include chairs, tables, and sofas.

The furniture is versatile and it is about the preference of the person purchasing it when it comes to what he wants in it. You can go for staining or painting of wicker or may leave it in natural form.

Natural wicker

Certain wickerwork comes from natural materials as they are woven around the frames of choice. Mostly, reed and rattan are seen being used for quality wickerwork. Other choices include bamboo, willow, and cane. Even seagrass is a natural material which is used for making of wicker furniture.

Synthetic wicker

A few types of wicker are synthetic. These include the resin and vinyl. These industry made materials make a popular choice for modern day wickerwork.

Why wicker furniture is becoming popular?

The wicker furniture gives you a light and airy feel. A decent tropical look comes from the wicker sets and provides you a chance to attain a different look for your home. Moreover, it has a very natural and organic appearance which is great for the individuals that look up to environment friendly outlook. Moreover, it is flexible as one can add cushions to them for making it more comfortable and appealing.

While the wicker is commonly used for outdoor furniture, it is gaining popularity for indoor application too. After all, it is only a matter of preference.