A New Addition for your Home


There are times when you may outgrow your home but do not want to move. A new home may be too expensive, or you may simply love the one you have. Families, however, can often grow unexpectedly. You may end up having more children than you planned, or an elderly relative may move in. A good builder can help you get comfortable again in your own home. Take the time to assess your needs before you meet with a builder to discuss options. You may need another bedroom, bathroom, or common space.


Bathrooms can get crowded when you have multiple children. This can especially be a problem when they become teenagers. You may notice that you are late everywhere you go because the kids are fighting over the bathroom. A new bathroom can help to split up the kids in the morning. You may also need a different type of bathroom. When elderly family members move in, an entirely different bathroom may need to be added. You may need one with more space for a wheelchair or sinks that are lower. A builder can prepare you for a growing family.

  • An additional bathroom for teenagers
  • Wheelchair accessible bathroom
  • A new, luxurious master bath


Look to the best building company in Basingstoke for a new bedroom. A new bedroom may be necessary for a growing family, as well. There are some instances when sharing rooms doesn’t work well for kids. A new room can solve the issue. When you have children who are many years apart, they are often unable to share a room peacefully. For example, a pre-teen and a toddler in the same room would not work.

When you are ready to add your new room or bathroom, a building services representative can meet at your home to discuss options. They can figure out the best place to add on a room and prepare an estimate for you.