A Guide to Brightening Up the Garden After Winter


The harsh UK winter is almost over and this signals a time to get the gardening tools out and start to prepare the garden for the new growing season. Obviously, a few months of dormancy has left the garden looking a little jaded, and with a little planning, a weekend should see a transformation.

List of Essential Jobs

Preparing the garden after the winter should include the following tasks”

  • Trimming the hedges
  • Tending the flower beds
  • Pruning trees and shrubs
  • Power washing the patio

Removing Debris

Hiring a skip is the best way to remove the cuttings and anything else you don’t need, and with local skips in York of varying sizes, a quick call should see the unit delivered right where you want it. Most skip hire companies will recycle green waste, as dumping it in a landfill can pollute the soil, and they can recycle almost everything. Use the opportunity to have a decluttering in the home, which should fill up the skip, and the provider can collect the unit. In the event you have to put the skip in the public highway, the skip hire company will help with the permit.

Try to pick a dry weekend, although that can be difficult with our unpredictable weather, and with all the tools at hand, you and the family can transform the garden in a single weekend. The terrace clean, you can get the garden furniture out of the shed and prepare for the coming spring and summer.