9 Awesome Instagrammable Airbnb Home Decor Designs


More and more, Airbnb decor designs and accommodation have been unbelievably attractive for making stunning Instagram pics. The design of some Airbnb accommodation options is truly amazing, so next time when you’re browsing through Airbnb looking for the perfect place to take your pics, here are a couple of suggestions:

1. Villa Hegge, Norway

This is the perfect place to embrace the hygge life that has been talked about for quite some time now. The simplicity and serenity of this type of life are reflected in this stunning villa. The wilderness surrounding it, the glamorous furniture and sheepskin all around to make you feel warm and comfortable – it’s all there to create your personal hygge experience.


2. Bubble Dome, Fermanagh, United Kingdom

This truly unique accommodation can be found in Ancient Woodland, in the wilderness of the UK. If you have ever wondered how is it to have a full view of the nature around you while simultaneously being tucked in a warm room, sitting in a comfy armchair – well, this place is the one to go to. The pics will be unbelievable, just enjoy the view and the experience of sleeping in a bubble, isolated from the rest of the world, yet watching it constantly.

3. Bamboo bungalow in Bali

Nothing like the Eco Bamboo Home in Bali, deep in the forest, situated near a little stream, secluded and far away from the civilization. This adorable two-story bungalow is completely eco-friendly, including the furniture inside. Everything is made to keep you connected with the wild nature surrounding you. Your only job is to enjoy the wildlife and make incredible pics.

4. Private island, Hvaler, Vesterøy, Østfold, Norway

What’s more luxurious and glamorous than having an island just for yourself? A cute red cottage situated between the rocks of a small Norwegian island is a synonym for peace and seclusion. The scenery you’ll get to see is one of a kind: unusual rocks surrounding you, the crystal sea, the houses in the distance… Find your inner peace here (and the inspiration for some amazing pics).

5. Coach House, Gawler, South Australia

The most impressionable feature about this accommodation is its minimalistic approach and rustic feeling. Bare furniture, a couple of unique paintings, brick flooring, and a beautiful view from the balcony. And the whole space bathing in the sunlight. This is a good example of how a careful choice of decor and minimalism can make a property great for renting.  If you’d like to create amazing rental from your home, get inspired by our home designs ideas. You would also need help from professional removal and storage services like Kyle Bay removals to store all your belongings that don’t suit the current style of your rental.

6. Merchant on the road airstream, Joshua Tree, California

Sometimes we simply need to go fully retro and to remind ourselves of simpler times. This desert airstream can’t get any better – somewhere in the middle of the Californian desert, equipped with basic necessities reminiscent of the 70s. Make a couple of impressive pics, then enjoy the sunset sitting at the table outside the airstream – life is great!

7. Treehouse, Hawaii

Most of us have dreamt of spending night in a treehouse, and this is your chance to make your dream come true. Stunning and lush jungle is all that you can see, while the decor inside the tree bungalow will make you feel like a celebrity.

8. Ilulissat Blue Guesthouse, Ilulissat, Greenland

You can’t have the opportunity to enjoy watching icebergs just anywhere in the world, but you can do it here, in this cute blue house on Greenland. A small house on the edge of a rock, looking over the ocean and the icebergs – a true northern fairytale and a place to make long-lasting memories and beautiful photos.

9. Sentosa, Singapore

Sentosa Island is a beautiful place to visit, especially if you have the chance to stay at this interesting place reminiscent of a luxury hotel that belongs to you only. You will feel like a movie star while exploring this magnificent accommodation, enjoying the luxurious amenities inside. take a few pics and then go outside to admire the scenery of the island.

Final words

As you can see, Airbnb offers you tons of opportunities to make incredible instapics. Airbnb accommodation around the world puts you in different and unique corners of the world, while the design of the accommodation is always one of a kind. Once you’re done making amazing pics at your new accommodation, you can spend the rest of the trip enjoying the scenery and surroundings that can’t be seen anywhere else.