8 Best Tips When Buying Your First Safe


A safe is not an ordinary item that you could simply choose based on what’s new or what you think looks good. Since it serves the purpose of security, there are a few factors you need to consider when looking for a quality safe.

You need to carry a set of proper information and mindfully planned techniques in choosing a safe that will last you a long time. After all, it will house some of your most prized possessions, so you know that you’ll want something durable and of great quality.

Whether it’s big or small safes for sale Sydney from Locksmith Sydney you are looking for; these tips will help you land on the best one that will fully serve its purpose.

  1. Take Note Of The 10% Rule

A general rule when buying a safe is to use the 10% rule. The idea is to spend 10% of the cost of what you are putting inside the safe. Using this concept to buy your safe, especially if it’s your first, helps keep you honest about exactly how much you need to spend to protect your valuables.

  1. Learn The Differences Between Safes

Before you narrow down on your options, you need to understand the different types of safe that are available fully. Don’t settle in looking for only two types of safe when there is a wide variety of options for you to choose from.

For instance, if you are looking for a home safe,in particular, you can choose between a simple fire resistant safe, a burglar fire safe, a standalone safe, a wall safe, or a floor safe. There are also specific safes perfect for your gun, media items, and jewelry. For business or commercial safe, you can choose between bank vaults, office safes, hotel safes, and drop safes.

  1. Opt For Something Heavy

There are two main reasons why it’s best to choose a heavy safe. For starters, a heavy safe is more difficult to relocate physically. Since it takes time to try and open a safe, burglars would tend to take it away and open it someplace else. But if your safe is heavy and is difficult to carry by a single person or even two, it becomes a better option.

Another reason to choose a heavy safe is that there is a higher amount of security provided. It’s heavy because it is made with thick and durable material, meaning it will last longer and will be harder to steal.

  1. Consider The Gap

This factor is more of an intricate preference, but considering the gap between the door and the lock body of a safe can determine the chances of someone else breaking it open. A larger gap also increases the risk of water and fire damage inside. So pay attention to this factor and consider a tighter gap than the rest.

  1. Don’t Forget To Anchor

As previously mentioned, most burglars would opt to steal a safe than to try and open it and leave with its contents only. So bolting your safe somewhere greatly increases the chances of securing your entire safe.

  1. Choose Your Preferred Lock Options

Unlike searching for a cheap car key replacement Sydney at Locksmith Sydney or at any other locksmith company provider, you need to be more particular about choosing your lock options for your home or office safe. Nowadays, you have a wider array of lock options to choose from ranging from traditional to electronic locks.

  1. Store Your Safe Combination

Once you decide on the safe and its lock options, don’t forget to store the combination somewhere far from it. Keep the combination protected, but be sure that you have a back-up option once you forget the combination or damage the lock system.

  1. Take Note Of What Your Are Storing

Just because you intend on keeping the contents safe, it does not mean you should completely forget what’s inside. If you are storing more than one type of item inside, make sure to write it down, so you have an inventory list.

Final Word

Buying a safe can be confusing, especially without enough knowledge on the subject. Be sure to consider all the tips above to increase your chances of buying the best safe for your needs.