5 Top Tips for Beating the Cold this winter


With winters seemingly getting colder every year, don’t immediately reach for the kettle and fleeces this time – there are some simple ways of beating the cold temperatures and making your property more energy-efficient. Use these 5 top tips to beat the cold this winter and keep your property warm throughout the cold months.

  1. Utilise your thermostat

In winter, your thermostat and timer should be your best friend. Using your thermostat effectively can stop you coming home to a freezing house and constantly having to re-fire your boiler. Setting a minimum temperature to keep your house at can actually save you money as your boiler doesn’t have to work as hard bringing the temperature up from the freezing temperatures of winter. A timer also assists in this as it can stop the large gaps of time in which the boiler is not on and the temperature drops significantly.

  1. Block draughts

Draughts can come from multiple areas in a property, combining to bring down temperatures whilst driving up your energy bills. Most draughts tend to be from windows and doors. Draught excluders or seals can be bought for cheap from many different homeware stores, significantly helping keep the cold out.

  1. Insulate your attic/loft

Surprising amounts of heat from a property are lost through the attic or loft as heat radiates upwards. Trapping this heat inside your property with insulation can create a greenhouse effect, keeping your property toasty. Insulation is a small investment that will see large rewards in your energy bill.

  1. Look after your boiler

Your boiler is the driving force in your fight to keep warm in the winter. Making sure all the components are up to date and running smoothly will prevent an unnecessary breakdown in the coldest months of the year. Protect your condensate pipe with a blanket or hot water bottle to make sure the wastewater leaving your boiler doesn’t freeze and stop the boiler from functioning. For more information on keeping your boiler operational in the winter months, check out: http://ecosafe.co/.

  1. Insulate your walls

This is the most drastic course of action, but with one of the largest returns. Although a larger investment, adding cavity wall insulation can save over one hundred pounds a year off an energy bill for a typical semi-detached house. Solid wall insulation can see this saving increase to around two-hundred and fifty pounds.

These 5 top tips should help make your home more energy-efficient and warm throughout the winter months. Using these tips in tandem will see a drastic decrease in energy bills as well as a much more pleasant living space throughout the entirety of the year.